A/Prof Jeremy Grummet


Assoc Prof Jeremy Grummet is a urological surgeon with specific training and expertise in urological cancers. He performs MRI-targeted transperineal biopsy for maximal accuracy and minimal risk in prostate cancer diagnosis. Assoc Prof Grummet also performs both robotic and open radical prostatectomy for the treatment of prostate cancer and is trained in brachytherapy (radioactive seed implantation). He performs laparoscopic (keyhole) surgery for kidney cancer and radical cystectomy (bladder removal) for locally aggressive bladder cancer. He has presented widely at multiple national and international conferences on the benefits of surgery for high risk localised prostate cancer, and is a strong advocate of active surveillance for low risk prostate cancer to minimise unnecessary treatment. He is an Adviser at Healthy Male and is also a site investigator at Alfred Health on the PRIAS study, the largest worldwide study assessing outcomes for patients on active surveillance.


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PSA Testing – An Update on Best Practice – Lecture

A/Prof Jeremy Grummet | Created on 12 May 2021
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