A carrot a day keeps SCC at bay

Even more reason to eat your vegetables.

Researchers have determined that having a diet rich in vitamin A actually protects you from developing one of the commonest forms of skin cancer, squamous cell carcinoma.

According to their latest analysis of two large, ongoing, long-running population health studies (the Nurses Health Study and the Health Professionals Follow-up Study), both including over 25 years of follow-up data, it was found that those who consumed the least amount of vitamin A in their diet (the lowest quintile) were 17% more likely to develop cutaneous SCC than those who consumed the highest amount (the top quintile).

And even though this is all largely observational research, it’s pretty robust given the number of people involved (over 170, 000 study participants over the two groups) and the detailed information collected (participants completed a comprehensive questionnaire on diet and lifestyle, including a checklist of over 130 food items biennially over the entire follow-up period).

And while the results reflect ...

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