A loss of Libido. How can we fix this?

Low sexual desire is a common sexual complaint in women. The reality is that more than half of Australian women aged 16-59 years of age experience a lack of interest in sex for at least one month in a year. With so many affected, could it be that this simply reflects a ‘normal’ sexual trajectory for women in long-term relationships? Unfortunately, society, media, and the likes of the Fifty-shades of Grey trilogy, would have us think otherwise. Having carved the ideology of what constitutes a ‘normal’ sex life, many women and/or their partners are all too ready to label their sexual inabilities as ‘abnormal’. Courting memories of first falling in love and the spontaneous, passionate, carefree sex that was abound in the early stages of the relationship (i.e. ‘honeymoon’ period), further fuel feelings of failure and the woman may seek medical help with the hope of being prescribed some ‘magic pill’.

So how do we fix this?

Before we reach for our prescription pad and frantically look for a MBS item number to cover “a new partner”, let us explore more conventional approaches. Sexual well-being is part of general well-being and therefore history-taking, done in much the same way as for other presentations, is a good start. Ask the patient about anxiety and depression, ask about their ...

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