An uncommon fungal infection from farm animals


Trichophyton verrucosum is a cosmopolitan zoophilic dermatophyte. The normal host for this organism is cattle and occasionally horses. Human infection is acquired through direct contact with these animals or contaminated fomites, usually following minor trauma to the skin.

Figure 1. Case 4 developed lesion after contact with beef cattle


To review cases of T. verrucosum infection diagnosed over a five year period.


The Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology data base from 2009 – 2014 was searched for isolates of T. verrucosum.

The laboratory services Queensland and extends into New South Wales as far south as Coffs Harbour.


Seven cases of T. verrucosum over a five year period time frame that identified more than 12, 500 dermatophyte infections in total.

The most recent case (7) was a 54-year-old retired meat worker who owns a small property with one beef and three dairy calves all of which suffered from fungal infection. After clearing lantana and sustaining multiple scratches ...

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