An Update in Heart Failure

How easy is it to say HFpEF and HFrEF?   The answer is… not very easy! However, heart failure has a new classification based on ejection fraction that doctors will need to know about.

HFpEF stands for “heart failure with preserved ejection fraction.” This preserved ejection fraction is defined as greater than or equal to 50%.

HFrEF stands for “heart failure with reduced ejection fraction.” This is the “classic” form of heart failure that doctors are familiar with. The ejection fraction in HRrEF is defined as less than or equal to 50%.

Patients who have clinical signs of heart failure and a normal ejection fraction used to be diagnosed with diastolic heart failure.  They are now said, under the new classification, to have HFpEF.

It should be noted that a patient may have diastolic dysfunction typically reported on echo, however if they do not have any clinical signs of heart failure they ...

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