Bad News for Sinus Sufferers

Chronic rhinosinusitis is a misery-generating condition – literally.

According to a large study just published in The Journal of the American Medical Association, having chronic rhinosinusitis significantly increases your risk of depression and anxiety. And if you also have nasal polyps the risk is higher still.

The Korean study was admittedly observational but it did include almost 50,000 individuals from the general population and followed them up for 11 years.

Researchers found, over the duration of the study, those people with chronic rhinosinusitis were 54% more likely to develop depression and 57% more likely to develop anxiety than those people who did not suffer this condition. And if nasal polyps accompanied the rhinosinusitis the increase in likelihood for both mental illnesses jumped to the early 60s (61% and 63% respectively).

So what are the implications of this study?

Well – they are fairly straightforward really.

“Physicians should be aware of the potential comorbidities observed in patients with [chronic rhinosinusitis] and provide therapy to reduce the risk of depression and anxiety in these patients, ” the study authors helpfully concluded.

What we don’t know of course, being simply an observational study ...

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