CancerAid is a free app designed by two Australian oncologists for people affected by cancer and their carers.

The motivation behind this app’s development was to improve cancer care outcomes by engaging patients in their own care. Patients using the app can monitor treatments, find resources, manage side-effects and read others’ experiences, thereby developing an effective support network. The technology also allows patients to share information (if they want to) with family and friends as well as relevant health professionals

The information on the CancerAid app is both evidence-based and constantly updated, so doctors can be very comfortable recommending it to their patients.

CancerAid is not a brand new resource. It was developed in 2015 by Sydney oncologists Dr Nikhil Pooviah and Dr Raghav Murali-Ganesh, but it has really taken off. The app is endorsed by leading cancer hospitals, health insurance providers, and cancer charities. CancerAid was awarded Best Startup Creating Social Impact by Sir Richard Branson of Virgin Group and Best Global ...

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