Cardiomyopathy from Energy Drinks?

It may just be a single case, but the report of a 21 year old man who went into severe cardiac and renal failure after drinking four cans of energy drinks daily is frightening.

And a timely reminder, these very popular drinks can give you more than wings.

According to the case report, recently published in the BMJ, the young UK man had been drinking about four of these 500mL cans daily for about two years before presenting to hospital with a four month history of worsening shortness of breath on exertion, orthopnoea, abdominal swelling and weight loss.

On taking the history it became clear the young man had experienced episodes of dyspepsia, tremor and racing heart over the previous year or so but had not sought help for any of these as they had largely resolved.

Examination revealed he had pitting oedema to the knees and ascites (but no pulmonary oedema interestingly).

An echo confirmed severe biventricular ...

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