Chronic cough in children

This week’s expert:
Prof Adam Jaffé, Respiratory Paediatrician, Sydney Children’s Hospital; John Beveridge Professor and Head of Paediatrics, UNSW

Drawn from Dr Terri Foran’s interview with Prof Adam Jaffé on the Healthed Podcast, ‘The Women’s and Children’s Health Update’.

– In managing chronic cough in children it is important to note what is normal. Research shows that healthy children can cough up to 11 times per day.


– On average preschool children have 4-6 viral respiratory tract infections a year and the cough that accompanies these can persist for up to three weeks.

– A cough should not be considered prolonged until it has lasted at least four weeks (in the UK it’s eight weeks)

– Red flags to watch for in children with chronic cough include ...

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