COVID-19 vaccine update

This week’s expert:
Dr Gary Grohmann, Virologist; Vaccine Manufacturing Expert; Former Director of Immunobiology and WHO ERL at the TGA, Office of Laboratories and Scientific Services

Drawn from Dr David Lim’s interview with Dr Gary Grohmann on the Healthed Podcast, ‘Going Viral’.

– Recent reports of new variants of COVID-19 should not cause concern. Mutation is a natural byproduct of replication. The coronavirus is an RNA virus and in general the mutation rate is higher in RNA viruses than DNA viruses, however the coronavirus responsible for COVID-19 appears to have a lower mutation rate than most RNA viruses. We have had many variants of the COVID-19 virus since February 2020.


– Of importance is the fact that the newer variants of SARS-CoV-2 are not causing greater morbidity and mortality, in fact they are causing less

– In most cases, the current vaccines will be just as effective against the variants as the original virus, even if the mutations affect the spike protein. Should the mutations continue and sufficiently alter the ...

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