Effective treatment for badly behaved toddlers

Simply writing off behaviour problems in toddlers as ‘the terrible twos’ might be a missed opportunity for effective early intervention, new UK research suggests.

Findings from a randomised controlled study, just published in JAMA Pediatrics shows that a brief parenting intervention,  can significantly reduce behaviour problems in children as young as 12 months old. Researchers say this could alter the trajectory for these children as behaviour problems are one of the commonest mental health disorders in childhood and are associated with poorer long-term outcomes.


“Children with enduring behaviour problems are at risk of poorer health, social, and educational outcomes across the life course”, the study authors said.

The study involved 300 families of children, aged 12 to 36 months who scored in the top 20% for behaviour problems. The caregivers were randomised to receive either six fortnightly  home-based video feedback sessions of 1-2 hours ...

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