Fatty Acids of Value in Anxiety

The value of omega-3 fatty acids has come under fire lately. But now a new systematic review suggests they might have benefits beyond the previous therapeutic targets of depression, cardiac health, eye health and arthritis.

Researchers have found that omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) might reduce the symptoms of clinical anxiety, particularly among those people who had a specific clinical condition be it medical (such as Parkinson disease) or psychological (premenstrual syndrome).

“This systematic review…provides the first meta-analytic evidence, to our knowledge, that omega-3 PUFA treatment may be associated with anxiety reduction, which might not only be due to a potential placebo effect, but also from some associations of treatment with reduced anxiety symptoms,” the review authors said in JAMA.

The finding is likely to be welcome news for patients with this condition. Be it the potential side-effects of medications or the cost and accessibility of psychological therapy, patients with anxiety, especially those with comorbid medical conditions are keen for alternative or at least supplementary safe, evidence-based treatments for their symptoms.

Previous research, in both human and animal studies had ...

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