Fatty liver Disease in Australian Women


This week’s experts:
A/Prof Simone Strasser, Hepatologist; Royal Prince Alfred Hospital; President of the Gastroenterological Society of Australia

Drawn from Dr Terri Foran’s interview with A/Prof Simone Strasser on the Healthed Podcast, ‘Women’s and Children’s Health Update’

– In Australia the overall prevalence of liver disease is increasing. By 2030, it is estimated that eight million people in Australia will be living with chronic liver disease

– The vast majority of people with chronic liver disease have metabolic-associated fatty liver disease (previously known as non-alcoholic fatty liver disease). It is estimated that 25% of the adult population in Australia have metabolic-associated fatty liver disease.

– Metabolic-associated fatty liver disease is more common in men but progression to fibrosis and failure is more common in women (56% ...

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