Help for kids with mental illness

Kids Helpline has just launched a new mobile app for teenagers and young people with mental health issues.

Called ‘niggle by Kids Helpline’, the new app aims to help young people identify any mental health concern or ‘niggle’. It has been designed to be used in conjunction with Kids Helpline’s existing services or as a stand-alone option for those people who may not have been willing or able to access help through traditional methods.

The app provides, for free, hundreds of built-in resource and guided strategies that are all evidence-based.

“niggle by Kids Helpline is a wellbeing toolkit that promotes self-help using the full resources of Kids Helpline to offer valuable information to teens and young people to check and monitor their mental health and wellbeing. Most importantly this new app is youth-driven, it has been designed with young people for young people”, said Tracy Adams, Chief Executive Office of ...

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