This week’s expert:
Prof Rodney Sinclair, Professor of Dermatology, University of Melbourne; Founder and Director of Sinclair Dermatology; Director of Dermatology, Epworth Hospital; Head of the Epworth Dermatology Research Centre

Drawn from Dr David Lim’s interview with Prof Rodney Sinclair on the Healthed Podcast, ‘Dermatology Cases’

– Hyperhidrosis is excessive sweating. Diagnosis involves a subjective element. Can affect some or all areas where sweat glands are found – palms and soles, axillae, face especially forehead and back.

– Patients usually present mid to late teens/early adulthood when the condition is most severe. Severity tends to wane with time.

– Normal antiperspirants, commonly used in armpits will also work on other areas of the body eg back.

– Important to distinguish between antiperspirants (which contain aluminium chloride) and deodorants that will have no effect on the sweating.

– ...

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