Introducing solids early helps babies sleep.

New study findings confirm what many parents already believe, introducing solids early helps babies sleep through the night.

The UK randomised trial, published in JAMA Pediatrics showed the early introduction of solids into an infant’s diet (from three months of age) was associated with longer sleep duration, less frequent waking at night and a reduction in parents reporting major sleep problems in their child.

Researchers analysed data collected as part of the Enquiring About Tolerance study, which included on-going parent-reported assessments on over 1300 infants from England and Wales who were exclusively breastfed to three months of age.

At baseline, there were no significant differences in sleeping patterns between those infants who were then introduced to solids early and those who remained exclusively breastfed to six months, as per the World Health Organisation recommendation.

However, at six months the difference between was significant.

“At age six months, ..[those babies who had started solids] were sleeping 17 minutes longer ...

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