Medicolegal Risks and the COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout


This week’s experts:
Dr Penny Browne, GP; Senior Staff Specialist in General Practice, Hornsby Hospital, Sydney; Chief Medical Officer, Avant
Ms Georgie Maysom, Lawyer; Head of Research, Education and Advocacy, Avant

Drawn from the lecture interview with Dr Penny Browne and Ms Georgie Maysom on the Healthed Podcast, ‘Medicolegal Risks and the COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout’

– Ensure people presenting for the vaccine are eligible. This is more of a challenge when people who don’t usually come to your practice present for vaccination. Can ask for a health summary from usual doctor, or get them to complete a medical history questionnaire. Easiest solution is to get patient to complete an ‘eligibility declaration’ – downloadable from the Department of Health website.

– Most important issues related to consent:
1. Patients need to have capacity to give consent. If incapable, consent needs to given by substitute decision maker (check with state/territory rules).
2. Consent needs to be given freely and voluntarily
3. Patient needs to have been given sufficient information to make an informed decision about consent

– It ...

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