Melanoma in pregnancy

Did you know that melanoma is the most common malignancy in pregnancy? It accounts for one third of pregnancy-associated malignancies in Australia. Terrifying stuff isn’t it?

Fortunately, melanoma occurring in a pregnant woman remains a very rare occurrence. But no one wants to be the doctor that misses it, especially as we all know picking it up early can, quite literally, be the difference between life and death.

The really tricky part is that pregnancy does add an extra dimension to detecting and managing melanoma. For a start melanocytic naevi darken during pregnancy in one in ten women.

Enter this helpful resource.

In brief, these are Melanoma Guidelines developed by some of Australia’s own renowned experts who were part of a working party convened by the Cancer Council of Australia.

Of course, the guidelines cover the full gamut of the condition (not just pregnancy-associated melanoma) but the pregnancy info is the most recent inclusion. There is also some fantastic information about pigmented ...

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