Menopausal hormonal therapy prevents depression

Sometimes evidence proves what was long-suspected to be true.

A new study, just published in JAMA Psychiatry shows women who took hormone replacement therapy early in the menopausal transition had almost half the risk of developing clinically significant depressive symptoms compared to women who took a placebo.

The study also confirmed that women of this age and stage are at high risk of significant depression, with almost one third of women in the placebo group developing symptoms and signs of the condition over the 12 month study period.

Previous research had suggested that hormone therapy could help manage existing depression in menopausal women, however according to the Canadian researchers, this study, conducted among initially euthymic women was the first to show hormone therapy’s role in preventing the affective disorder.

More than 170 perimenopausal and early post-menopausal women were randomly assigned to receive transdermal oestradiol (0.1mg/day) and intermittent oral ...

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