Podcast series for patients with advanced cancer

Cancer Council NSW has developed a fantastic new podcast series specifically for patients with advanced cancer.

The series, entitled ‘The Thing About Advanced Cancer’ provides evidence-based information and practical tips for this group of patients who are often hungry for answers and guidance beyond the usual facts and statistics currently available for their condition.

Patients confronted with this diagnosis, face the challenge of firstly accepting the reality that cure is not an option. They then have to manage a future that is often uncertain, especially with advances in treatment.

How does one live with that uncertainty? How can one continue to ‘live well’ with advanced cancer? How does one broach the subject of the diagnosis, and all the social and personal issues associated with the diagnosis with those around them, with their loved ones, with their health professionals?

According to Elizabeth Humphries, Cancer Information Unit Manager at Cancer Council NSW, this podcast series will help patients find the answers to these questions.

“We’ve been privileged to work with some extraordinary clinicians in this series and we believe it has the potential to really help people with the practical and personal challenges of living with an advanced cancer diagnosis. However, we need the help of healthcare professionals to raise awareness of the podcast among patients and their carers, ” she said.

The series, ...

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