Self-Harm On The Increase Among Young Girls

Self-harm among teenagers is on the increase, a new study confirms and frighteningly it’s our younger girls that appear most at risk.

According to a population-based, UK study the annual incidence of self-harm increased by an incredible 68% between 2011 and 2014 among girls aged 13-16, from 46 per 10000 to 77 per 10000. The research, based on analysis of electronic health records from over 670 general practices, also found that girls were three times more likely to self-harm than boys among the almost 17,000 young people (aged 10-19 years) studied.

The importance of identifying these patients and implementing effective interventions was highlighted by the other major finding of this study.

“Children and adolescents who harmed themselves were approximately nine times more likely to die unnaturally during follow-up, with especially noticeable increases in risks of suicide…, and fatal acute alcohol and drug poisoning, ” the BMJ study authors said.

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Morgan C1, Webb RT2, Carr MJ2, Kontopantelis E3, Green J4, Chew-Graham CA. Incidence, clinical management, and mortality risk following self harm among children and adolescents: cohort study in primary care. BMJ. 2017 Oct 18; 359: j4351. DOI: 10.1136/bmj.j4351

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