Sprained ankle physiotherapy

It’s that time of year. Cold weather. Footy season. Finals approaching. Muscles pulled. Ankles twisted….

Of course, the elite sportspeople will have their support team to strap, massage, rehabilitate and retrain the injured joint or muscle – coaxing it back to good health. But for your average ill-fated weekend exerciser with a sprained ankle, they will present in general practice (generally on a Monday) wanting advice on how to expedite their recovery inexpensively and in a manner that doesn’t risk further injury.

While referral to a physiotherapy can certainly be useful in these cases, that option isn’t always suitable, and this is when a resource such as this may be worth accessing.

The Sydney Sports Medicine Centre has developed a great patient handout, complete with pictures that outlines a decent exercise program for people recovering from a sprained ankle. Aside from perhaps ...

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