The Vit D Story Now a Fairytale

It wasn’t that long ago that vitamin D appeared to be the panacea for everything from preventing MS to reducing the risk of diabetes.

But the one area where we thought the benefit of this vitamin was not up for debate was bone health.

It has been proven – lack of vitamin D causes rickets. It has been proven that vitamin D is important in bone metabolism and turnover. And it has been proven the people with low bone density are more likely to experience fractures. Therefore add vitamin D and improve bones, right? Wrong!

The latest meta-analysis of more than 80 randomised controlled trials shows that vitamin D supplementation does not prevent fractures or falls, and does not have any consistently clinically relevant effects on bone mineral density. This comes as a bit of a surprise, to say the least.

According to the systematic review, vitamin D had no effect on total fractures, hip ...

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