Update on Understanding of COVID-19

This week’s expert: Dr Bernard Hudson, Clinical Microbiologist and Infectious Diseases physician

As discussed by Prof Bernie Hudson, Director of Microbiology and Infectious Diseases at Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney in his interview with Dr Harry Nespolon on Going Viral.

According to a recent analysis of COVID-19 cases among patients aged over 18 years:

  • People with pre-existing hypertension and/or coronary artery disease tended to be at greater risk of dying from COVID-19
  • People who experienced severe COVID-19 disease tended to deteriorate 7-9 days after their initial onset of symptoms
  • There is no data to suggest that patients should cease taking their ACE inhibitor or ARB in the event of them developing COVID-19. While real-life studies are currently still in progress, it is unlikely these medications will prove detrimental to an affected patient’s chance of recovery. They may even be beneficial.
  • Testing of people following contact tracing has shown that a significant number of COVID-19 positive are asymptomatic. This finding supports Australia’s widespread rates of testing which Professor Hudson credits as one of the major reasons why we appear to have been more effective in containing the pandemic compared with other countries.
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