1st December 2020

New PENTASA® Pack Sizes:

PENTASA® (mesalazine) 1g Sachets x 100 & PENTASA® (mesalazine) 1g Suppositories x 28

Dear Healthcare Professional,

Ferring has changed the pack sizes for PENTASA® 1g Sachets and PENTASA® 1g Suppositories.

PENTASA® 1g Sachets have changed from a pack containing 120 sachets to a new pack size containing
100 sachets. PENTASA® 1g Suppositories have also changed from a pack containing 30 suppositories to the new pack size containing 28 suppositories (see new PBS listings below). No other PENTASA® formulations are affected by this change.

New PBS listing details effective from 1st December 2020:

Dispensing of superseded pack sizes

Superseded pack sizes remain PBS listed as a Supply Only item, “When a product is deleted from the PBS, that product will be available as Supply Only where appropriate. Products that are in Supply Only state will be available for dispensing but not for prescribing, usually for a period of up to 12 months from the deletion date. PBS Prescriptions written prior to the Supply Only period are able to
be dispensed. After the Supply Only period, the product will be removed completely from the PBS.”

Once superseded stock is exhausted, only new pack sizes will be available for dispensing. Patients impacted by these changes should be encouraged to obtain new prescriptions as soon as possible to facilitate dispensing of the new pack sizes.

Please review the PENTASA® Product Information before prescribing. Product Information is available at www.ferring.com.au/products.html. If further information is required, please contact Ferring Medical Information on 1800 33 77 46. For inquiries regarding stock availability please contact your wholesaler.

Yours faithfully,
Michael Napoli
Product Manager, Ferring Australia

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