Healthed’s BIGGEST Event of the Year!

Sydney Women’s and Children’s Health Update 2020

Australia’s LARGEST Health Education Event! 

Healthed’s recent Annual Women’s and Children’s Health Update, Sydney saw a record attendance of over 1600 delegates. The full day program covered topics ranging from cow’s milk protein intolerance to psychedelic psychotherapy.

One of the most highly-rated talks by delegates was Prof Jason Abbott’s presentation, Uterine Preserving Surgical Options. This detailed explanation of the less invasive, lower cost alternatives to hysterectomy for cases of abnormal uterine bleeding aimed to provide comprehensive guidance to health professionals when referring these patients for treatment.

Also popular was A/Prof Deborah Bateson’s Contraception Update, which outlined the key features of a new long acting reversible contraception soon to be available in Australia, as well as relating new guidance about placement of etonogestrel implants. New information on contraception for specific populations was also covered.

Healthed’s second-ever expert panel was another highlight of the day. Sexual health physician Dr Terri Foran returned to the helm as facilitator, this time to discuss the topic Menopause Management Past, Present and Future. Together with endocrinologist Dr Sonia Davison and obstetricians Dr Jane Elliot and Prof Rod Baber the panel explained the origin of current best practice for treatment of menopause, as well as covering several case studies with an emphasis on treating the whole patient.

Over the coming weeks we will be featuring additional highlights and clinical takeaways from the day in our newsletter, Clinical Pearls.

The Annual Women’s and Children’s Health Update seminar will roll out in other capital cities around the country in the next few months. Dates and venues can be found here.

See more photos from Sydney Women’s and Children’s Health Update 2020 below:

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