List of dementia environmental risk factors drawn up

A shortlist of environmental factors that may contribute to the risk of developing dementia has been drawn up by experts.

The list includes exposure to air pollution and a lack of vitamin D, although researchers warned that there are not yet any solid conclusions.

It has been put together by Edinburgh University’s Alzheimer Scotland Dementia Research Centre.

The centre believes future research should focus on the shortlist.

Dementia is known to be associated with lifestyle factors such as high blood pressure in mid-life, smoking, diabetes, obesity, depression and low educational attainment, as well as genetic factors.

But the Edinburgh researchers said a third of dementia risk was unexplained, and they want to determine whether other issues are at play, including the environment.

Previous studies

The team reviewed dozens of previous studies that considered environmental risk factors linked to dementia.

They found that a lack of vitamin D – produced by the body through exposure to sunlight – and exposure to air pollution were implicated, along with occupational exposure to some types of pesticide.

The research suggested that excessive levels of minerals found in drinking water may also be linked to the disease, but the evidence was mixed… Read More>>

Source: BBC News

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