Pregnant French Women to be Paid $460 to Stop Smoking

French hospitals are offering pregnant women up to $460 to quit smoking after a study showed that one in five fail to kick the habit while expecting.

Seventeen hospitals across the country are taking part in the 36-month trial to find out whether financial incentives can help more women give up nicotine.

Participants must be at least 18 years old, no more than four and a half months pregnant and smoke a minimum of five ready-made or three hand-rolled cigarettes a day, and not use use electronic cigarettes or other tobacco products.

They will see a smoking cessation specialist every time they turn up for their scheduled pregnancy checkups, after which they will be given a $30 voucher that can be spent in supermarkets or shops that sell baby goods.

Overall, mothers-to-be will be able to earn as much as $460 in vouchers during their pregnancy, and will also save the money they otherwise would have spent on cigarettes… Read More>>

Source: The Sydney Morning Herald

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