Researchers sound warning over high salt levels in our daily bread

Researchers sound warning over high salt levels in our daily bread

A slice of bread can contain more salt than a single serving packet of fancy sea salt chips, according to a study by the George Institute for Global Health.

Researchers looked at more than 1,400 bread products from 2010 to 2017 and found some had a large amount of sodium.

Lead researcher Clare Farrand said a typical single slice of bread contained more than 20 per cent of the recommended daily maximum of salt..

“That was double the amount of salt [compared to] a single serving packet of Kettle sea salt chips,” she said.

Ms Farrand said another concerning find was that some “healthy” breads were some of the worst offenders.

Products looked at by researchers included bread rolls, fruit bread, multigrain bread, other grain breads, rye bread, soy and linseed bread, white bread, wholemeal bread, bagels, crumpets and English muffins.

Ms Farrand said they also found there was a huge amount of variability of salt between bread products.

“You could actually be eating far more salt from one bread [product, when] compared to another,” she said.

She said there were lower salt options available, and suggested consumers get in the habit of checking the label before buying a product and choosing the lower salt option.

“It is often down to a taste preference,” she said.

“Some breads contain more salt than others as a result of the amount of salt that the manufacturer is putting in.”

She said their research showed bread could be produced with much less salt than was currently being used. …>> Read More

Source: ABC

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