Violent Video Games and Their Impact

Read time: 11m

Expert Monograph: Issue 24

Author: Dr Wayne Warburton

Violent Video Games and Their Impact

This article outlines the research findings about the impact of playing violent video games and advises on healthy video game use.

Written by Dr Wayne Warburton BPsych Hons(1) (Macq), PhD (Macq), MAPS (Aus), MAPS (US), FISRA

Dr Wayne Warburton is a Senior Lecturer in developmental psychology at Macquarie University and is also a registered psychologist. He has a strong research interest in the fields of aggressive behaviour, media psychology and parenting. Wayne has published widely on topics around human aggression and the impact of violent and pro-social media. He is also co-author of the International Society for Research on Aggression Statements on ‘Media Violence’ and ‘Risk Factors for Youth Violence’, and the Society for Psychological Study of Social Issues ‘Research Summary on Media Violence’.

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