Going Viral: Episode 111
CPD: 1 Point


Going Viral: Race to a Vaccine – The Oxford-AZ Vaccine and other recent developments


In this episode:


– Phase 3 trials will be done by end of 2020. If it works it is likely to become available from mid 2021
– Should it really be mandatory?
– The technology for this vaccine is very new so risk of adverse effects must be carefully assessed
– What if it is only partially effective or ineffective? What if it mutates? Which strains will it work for?



Host: Dr David Lim, GP
Guest: Dr Gary Grohmann, Virologist; Vaccine Manufacturing Expert; Former Director of Immunobiology and WHO ERL at the TGA, Office of Laboratories and Scientific Services
Producer: Dr Ramesh Manocha, GP
Total time: 39 mins


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