The Clinical Takeaway: Managing Osteoarthritis – A Comprehensive Update

The Clinical Takeaway: Managing Osteoarthritis – A Comprehensive Update


– The GP is crucial to OA management but focusing on pharmacological pain management is only part of the challenge – lifestyle change is crucial
– A network of allied health professionals: physiotherapists, dietitians is vital
– The core management is appropriate exercise, weight loss and comprehensive patient education
– Try to avoid the following: opioids, chronic paracetamol, excessive imaging, arthroscopy unless specifically indicated




Host: Dr David Lim, GP



Total time: 43 mins



Guest: Prof David Hunter, Rheumatology Clinician Researcher; Florance and Cope Chair of Rheumatology; Professor of Medicine at University of Sydney; Joint Research and Staff Specialist, Royal North Shore Hospital



Recommended Resources:


RACGP Knee Osteoarthritis in General Practice
– Joint Action: Listen to podcasts hosted by Prof David Hunter for more information on Osteoarthritis education and management
MyJointPain: A trusted website for more education and disease information








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