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The Clinical Takeaway: Radiotherapy for Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer

The Clinical Takeaway: Radiotherapy for Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer


In this episode:
– Radiotherapy is suitable for non-melanomatous skin cancers that are either high risk with local invasion or metastases, where surgery is inappropriate or if the patient has extended skin field cancerisation
– This treatment modality has low recurrence rates and most of the acute reactions to radiotherapy resolve over six weeks. It is tolerable and highly effective
– GPs should familiarise themselves with the types of lesions that should be referred; or if unsure, refer to a radiotherapy centre for an opinion

Host: Dr David Lim, GP
Guest: Dr Monique Heinke, Radiation Oncologist; GenesisCare, Kingswood Centre and St Vincent’s Hospital
Total time: 32 mins

Recommended Resources:
– Cancer Council Skin Cancer Guidelines
– Cancer Institute NSW (eviQ) Radiation Oncology – Skin Cancer

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