COVID-19 Vaccinations: Should it be mandatory in general practice?

COVID-19 Vaccinations: Should it be mandatory in general practice?


The vast majority of Australian GPs believe that COVID vaccination should be mandatory for all those who work in general practice.

According to findings from the latest Healthed survey, involving over 1000 GPs, over 80% of respondents believe it should be a pre-requisite of on-going practice that both GPs and practice nurses be immunised against COVID-19.

And when asked about non-medical staff in general practices, over 70% agreed vaccination should be a condition of their employment.

The finding does not simply reflect support for vaccination per se. In response to another question, almost every GP (97.1%) was recommending COVID vaccination to their family.

Now, this survey clearly shows GPs are willing to take the more hardline approach to make sure patient expectations are met. The expectation that when patients visit their local general practice every precaution has been taken to keep them safe from contracting this virus. It also reflects the general opinion that social and professional responsibility is a greater priority than personal freedom of choice.

It’s a natural extension of the mooted legislation that would see it mandatory for all aged care workers to have received vaccination against COVID, a move which almost 85% of GPs agree with according to this survey.
It’s a tough call. To say you need to get vaccinated or else you can’t do your job. But, according this survey it’s a call the majority of GPs agree needs to be made.

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