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The Clinical Takeaway: Chronic vestibular syndromes – Part 3

The Clinical Takeaway: Chronic vestibular syndromes – Part 3


In this episode:
– Chronic vestibular syndromes have four types
– Recurrent vertigo, recurrent spontaneous vertigo, imbalance ataxia and persistent postural perceptual dizziness (PPPD)
– Helpful tips for GPs to help differentiate these syndromes and the main conditions that causes them


Host: Dr David Lim, GP and Medical Educator


Total time: 43 mins


Guest: Dr Benjamin Tsang, Neurologist; Beach Brain, Specialist Medical Practice, Sunshine Coast; Public SMO Neurology Post, Sunshine Coast University Hospital

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Videos provided by Dr Tsang and hospital staff at Sunshine coast

Head Impulse test
Video shows the head impulse test demonstration.


L) PC BPPV – L) DH UBN and torsional
Video of what left posterior canal BPPV would look like on a left Dix-Hallpike.


Cropped N right HIT +ve left HIT
Video shows an abnormal physical examination finding of an abnormal head impulse test.



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